Versace hits H&M November 17

Oh yes, Donatella must be looking to fund her daughter Alexa’s college education because it was announced today that Versace will debut its H&M collaboration collection in stores on November 17, 2011.  The eighty piece collection will feature both mens and womenswear in addition to accessories.  Donatella went back to the coffers of the fashion house to get inspiration as “iconic pieces, both old and new” have been redone for the H&M collaboration.

Click here to watch Donatella describe her inspiration for the collection which is heavy on leather, gold, hardware and colorful prints (not going to lie, I’m a bit scared this could veer off into oversexed-guadydom).  Guessing this dress (or a version of) will be available just in time for Turkey Day!

Mark you calenders, make sure the tent is waterproofed and stock up on snacks because if history marks the future, there will be overnight lines to be the first to pick up the limited special collection!


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