The Frugal Fashionista Find: Rhianna’s Inspired Balletic Look with Super Discounts from Loehmann’s!

Luxury fashion design house, Louis Vuitton,  and pop singer Rhianna inspired our Frugal Fashionista find this week.  Like most girls, I had a childhood dream of becoming a ballerina, and then reality set in (not all of us are blessed with the body build or flexibility required to pirouette across the stage- damn you Natalie Portman). So, what is left if our ballet dreams are shattered?  Dress like one of course! Well, a modified ballerina perhaps as the combo of a tight bodysuit and tulle skirt is a bit costumey for everyday wear.  But, look what happens when you pair the tulle skirt with simple pieces already in your wardrobe:

Louis Vuitton

Rhianna, October 2010

Fashion Week goer gets what’s great about tulle

We here at UpMyAli, took inspiration from these three looks and headed to Loehmann’s, one of the best places to go to score designer duds at discounted prices to find the essential piece that would anchor this fun and flirty day to nighttime outfit. Really, we didn’t anticipate the INCREDIBLE find we found.

Ralph Lauren Collection dress $1898.00, $129.00 on final clearance

We about died when we saw this Ralph Lauren Collection dress on the clearance rack. It is the fashion equivalent of hitting a half court shot at the buzzer.  It is the perfect day dress with a string of pearls and a great wedge, like these patent leather espadrille wedges by Lanvin:

Super chic!  You can amp up the drama factor for a great evening look by adding a fabulous bolero and you guessed it, tulle skirt!

Black nylon corseted Taryn Rose shoes complete the sexy, yet playful outfit, worthy of its own Carrie moment if Sex and the City was still on the air.

Taryn Rose Corseted T-strap Heel $410.00, Loehmann’s price, $89.00

Loehmann’s Investment: $218.00

Total Cost Savings: $2090.00

Can you believe it? Over $2 grand of savings thanks to Loehmann’s and bit of willingness to search for the deal.  Another reason why its great to be a frugal fashionista!

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