Scenes from a Sweltering New York

With temps crawling upwards of 100 degrees, the concrete jungle can be a tough place to enjoy.  So, when pounding the pavement and something draws your attention (in a good way, not a “naked guy peeing in the alley” way), you have to just laugh and say a quick thanks to God that this fabulous, and odd, city is yours.  Behold:

Now THIS is a customized ride!

Why sacrifice style by sweating through your clothes in the underground tunnels of the NYC subway system when you can cruise the town on your own crocheted tricycle? Margarita Missoni would be very proud of the color palette this 3 year old chose. Clearly the owner knows the power of envy, check out the massive chain used to make sure no one pedals off with her ride:

The Best How-To Book

No, not that one! Geez, bestiality is gross and never encouraged.   For that matter, we don’t actually promote shoplifting either (especially when an American Apparel t-shirts costs all of $9.99), but the fact that this awesome bookstore in Soho is located next to, wait for it, an American Apparel store, jacks the hilarity factor up to 100:

Only in New York, only in New York.

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