A Marriage Made in Stylish Heaven: DKNY and The Yankees

Trips to the shore, BBQ, baseball.  Some things just scream summer fun.  Yesterday, we jumped on the 4 train and arrived at gorgeous Yankee Stadium to watch the Bronx Bombers take on the Oakland A’s.  Needless to say, a day game can be hot under any summer sun, but yesterday’s 100 degree temps made it all the more unbearable.  Or rather, it would have been if we hadn’t been lucky enough to be seated in the Champions Suite, an exclusive section right off the field with access to the air-conditioned and well-stocked DKNY Suite:

With delish bites (so nice to eat a healthful gourmet turkey sandwich with a side of fresh fruit instead of a hot dog, although Donna offers those  along with the other expected fare), great drinks and a very welcome respite of air-conditioning and clean bathrooms, the total experience was exactly what you expect from DKNY: functional, stylish and comfortable.

Also, comfortable were the theater-like seats that provided this awesome view of the game:

Derek Jeter, not a bad view. Lucky Minka.

While admiring the aforementioned view, I did notice the presence of another fashion brand at the stadium:

Really? Geoffrey Beene has the funds to be a sponsor of the Yankees with signage along the first base line?  Shoot, I had signed off their khakis and plaid shirts long ago, but its nice to see revivals, right?  Broadway does them all the time with spectacular results, and so does fashion if you know anything about Vionnet or Balenciaga.

While in the Bronx, I kept an eye out for interesting fashion trends and found Mariah, “I am famous because I was named after Ms. Carey”, giving Jennifer Aniston a run for her money.  As of late, the ex Friends star has been given credit for bringing back nameplate jewelry with her “Jennifer” ring, yet Ms. Mariah was rocking the best, dual-tone nameplate earrings I have seen in quite some time:

The fashion doesn’t stop at her little ears, but encompasses a major personality:

Mark my words, in 20 years this little diva will be bringing the fresh to DKNY, inspiring a whole new generation to express themselves through fashion.  In the end, a perfect fit to a fashionable day out at the old ball game!

UpMyAli gives an A+ to the DKNY and Champions Suite experience at Yankee Stadium.  Perhaps, at last, we have found an activity that is equally satisfying for men and their stylish women!

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