No Posturing Needed: The Most Stylish Politicians

If there is a way to watch television and not be interrupted by a Presidential address urging Republicans to work with their Democratic counterparts in coming to an agreement on increasing the debt ceiling while reducing our massive national deficit, I clearly haven’t figured out what it is yet (premium channels only perhaps?).  Anyway, with all the political posturing happening, why not choke back some of the frustration and negative finger pointing and instead, point a well- manicured, lace gloved finger at the politicians who stand out not for their dissenting opinions, but for their outstanding sense of style.

Hillary Clinton: okay, just kidding. I seriously couldn’t even type her name without snickering.  After all, not even our favorite reality host Tim Gunn could shy away from critiquing her style during an interview with George Lopez by saying,  “I think she’s confused about her gender [with] all these big, baggy menswear tailored pantsuits.”  Gunn also suggested she wear longer pants in order to “hide her cankles”.   PC or not, Tim is spot on.  In fact, rule number one of all good fashion is:  proportions, proportion, proportion.

I must say that I agree with Mr. Gunn. There is no reason Hillary cannot learn how to select a chic, trend-friendly and flattering pantsuit. After all, her colleague Nancy Pelosi sure knows how.  The ex-speaker of the house also happens to be our first choice for polistylish politicians.

1. Nancy Pelosi:  Like her politics or not, this woman knows a good pantsuit (or skirt suit for that matter) when she sees its $1,000 price tag.   Pelosi clearly understands that proportion is the key to a tailored look by sticking to a wider shouldered jacket that not only balances with her hips, but keeps her waist looking trim as well.  Equally important, she selects a wider cut leg pant, creating a clean and straight line from her hip to floor (see looks #2 and #5 below), preventing the hip or crotch pull that so frequently ails Mrs. Clinton. Maybe with all the time our government leaders are spending together, Nancy could give Hillary a few tips:

2. Mary Bono Mack:  Proving that a woman doesn’t have to wear a suit to command attention and respect, Congresswoman  Mary Bono Mack (R-California) shuts it down with sexy, sophisticated and stylish dresses, revealing herself to be a secure woman, as confident in her sexuality as her ability to represent her constituents:

2010 (top) and 2011 Palm Spring International Film Festival

Tell me it isn’t refreshing to see female politicians that actually look like a woman!  On that note, there is another woman, who when she wants too, can turn out some pretty great fashion:

3. Sarah Palin: When the RNC spent $150,000 on a new wardrobe for Sarah Palin in 2008, the stylists sure knew which labels to pick.  Sarah wowed crowds with fitted, sophisticated and simply gorgeous suits by Valentino and Elie Tahari. Here are a few of her best looks from the 2008 campaign:

Say what you will (and trust me, I always have a lot to say when it comes to this woman), she does look good in a $2,500 suit, doesn’t she?  I challenge you to try to list other females in politics who can strut a size 4 Valentino suit and knee high suede boots. Bet you can list them on one hand.  However, first on the list should be this woman:

4. Desiree Rogers: as Obama’s social secretary, fashion cred is a prerequisite. However, Ms. Jarrett is one of the biggest influences on positioning the First Couple as young, stylish and hip.  She in fact, is not only one of the most stylish women in the country, but with her connections, also one of the most powerful:

New York Fashion Week SS 2011

The Metropolitan Museum Of Art Tribute Luncheon For Eunice Johnson

Desiree and her BFF, Anna Wintour, Editor of Vogue

Now as the CEO of Johnson Publishing Group, you can be assured of Desiree’s continued presence on the fashion and social scenes.

Speaking of the editorial world, a few months back I was flipping through the GQ and came upon these pictures:

Yeah, yum.  If you think this toothache is a model, think again. He is actually Republican congressman from Illinois, Aaron Schock (what is up with Illinois?!).  At 30, Aaron is considered not only one of the best looking politicians in Washington, but one of the most promising within the Republican party.  Trust me, there are very few things that could sway me to get on the Red train, but this might be one that might:

Take a moment to stare while I dry the drool.


In every day life (aka- not being styled by an fashion editor), Aaron prefers tailored dark colored suits and fitted print oxford shirts with contrasting print/colored ties.  He is the new modern man on campus and Obama has to be proud of his home statesman.

Aaron Schock

And finally, there is one more elected official that still gets me almost every time I see him. Blame it on the power,  the lean, tall frame, or the perfectly cut suit (we can forgive the tennis shoes, hard as it may be). Either way, our Commander in Chief, Barack Obama, has it going on, even while he struggles to unite his underlings:

How much do I wish his wife, Michelle Obama was actually a politician so I could include her in this list.  It will be interesting come 2012 to see how the participants change on the political landscape to see who we can add to this fashionable list!


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