Bridal Goes Big Box

Finding the perfect dress is the bride’s number one concern when it comes to planning her big day.  On average, a bride will try on twenty different dresses before finding “the one”, somewhat similar to the dating process leading up to marriage, no?  The bride-to-be gets her closest friends and family together and sets out to bridal salon which awaits will chilled champagne and plenty of tissues for the guaranteed weepy mother (isn’t this the entire purpose of TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress?).  It has always been a wonder to me where women who don’t care for the pomp and circumstance of the whole wedding dress experience go to find their dress.  Well, now we have an answer.  Costco.

Yup, that’s right. The big box retailer has added designer wedding dressed to its merchandise mix.  Designed by Kirstie Kelly, the collection is priced to compete with White by Vera Wang (available at David’s Bridal) with dresses ranging from $600.00 – $1800.00.  Understanding the most women don’t want to try a dress on in a huge warehouse with cement floors and fork lifts scattered everywhere, Costco says it is building luxurious and fancy dressing rooms with all the extras expected for the comfort of such a special day.  That takes time, so you may have to wait for your local Costco to be brought up to snuff.  I myself, as a woman who values efficiency above all else, simply love the idea that I can pick up a dress for the biggest day of my life at the same time I stock up on booze and snacks for the wedding reception.  Not only do I  save on gas running around from place to place, but given Costco’s members only policy, surely it is unlikely that someone else will have the same dress, right?  Exclusivity and a discount?  I just might marry Jim Sinegal, founder and CEO of Costco, brilliant man that he is for having come up with the idea.   Then again, he did just announce today that he will be stepping down as CEO and handing the reins over to company veteran, Craig Jelinek.  How sad.  I wonder if his resignation is foreshadowing the success of the retailer’s bridal program. After all, even if you were able to find the dress of your dreams at Costco, would you ever actually admit to anyone?  I can just see it at the reception, “Oh my,  you make such a beautiful bride. Wherever did you find your dress?”,  “Well aunt Itsnoneofyourbusiness, I bought it at Costco, I saw it sitting right next to the 30 gallon tub of mayonnaise and thought, its perfect!”.

I may be a cynic, but time will tell how far betrothed women will go for a good deal on a designer (I use this term loosely) dress.

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