Ask and You Shall Receive. Additional Safety Pin Styling Ideas!

UPDATE:   Our reader Kassidy sent us a message requesting an idea of how to use only small safety pins as that is what she has on hand.  While large pins can be used as a creative seam alternative, smaller safety pins work great for creating embellishment on basic apparel or accessories (various sizes is ideal to get a more interesting, dynamic look).  One of my favorite tricks is to take various colored metallic safety pins, group them together and then pin them along the top edge of a black clutch.  To follow the seasonal trends, find colors like those below and mix and match to gain versatility and stay on-trend:

Singer safety pins, $8.03 on

If you enjoy being creative and getting your craft on, then you have to visit Erika Domesek’s P.S. I Made This.  Following her vision of ” I see it. I love it. I make it” she finds runway trends she loves and replicates them using easy to find materials (don’t worry, she always provides step by step instructions.)  Coincidentally, Erika featured the safety pin earlier this year during an obsession with metallic hardware and created a simply awesome, edgy and adorable safety pin tank top (and just for Kassidy, we made sure she used small pins):

The greatest thing is that the total cost of the tank top and safety pins is well under $50.00 and the look can rival any Versus by Versace (see reference below in original post).Now there really are no excuses. Small, medium, or large, there are millions of ways to re-purpose the very functional safety pin.  Get moving!


In a time when all we hear is politicians arguing and daily stock reports showing losses, a sense of humor and lightness is welcomed whenever and wherever it presents itself.  Fashion designers also enjoy being cheeky every now and then by repurposing a traditionally functional tool into a design element.  Today’s example: the safety pin.

Best Use:

Gianfranco Ferre

Worst Use:

No name designer handbag

Lesson of the day:  When using functional trims as design elements, subtlety is everything. However, if you like big, bold and obvious then take a style cue from Elizabeth Hurley and vamp up a LBD with safety pins as the only accessory needed:

A bit risque yes, but this dress was selected as “the greatest red carpet dress by all time” in 2008 with over 5,000 votes cast in a contest held by Debenhams department store in London.  So, get creative and express yourself in unexpected ways!


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