Fashion Police Alert: GQ Ranks the Worst Dressed Cities

Long gone are the days when one’s concern for the city they live in is limited to real estate prices, employment numbers and school districts.  Apparently, we also now need to find time to worry about how we all look and dress (please note the primary concern is that starting something directly implies it currently isn’t happening. Exactly when did we all go lazy and stop caring about how we dress and look?)   Men’s lifestyle magazine, GQ, released its ranking of the top ten worst dressed cities and folks, it aint pretty.

Topping the list is Orlando which should not be a surprise to anyone. I mean, when was the last time you saw a nice, well-dressed family picture taken with Mickey at Disney?  Probably never.  Disneyland is where bad fashion goes for its day in the sun. The Floridian city is also home to snow birds, flocking to the warm weather to escape the winter temps from the North.  Each January they arrive to the Tropicana state with their pasty legs, sun visors and daily uniform of golf shorts, Tommy Bahama t-shirts, socks with sandals and capri pants. It’s like a retirement home 24/7.

Apparently, similar style choices makes Maui the #2 worst dressed cities (their contribution of Hawaiian print button down should be sufficient to keep it at the top for decades to come.

Well, those and grass skirts on extremely overweight men.

In a bit of a surprise, Vancouver, Canada ranks third.  The reason? Lululemon.

The activewear brand first introduced its yoga pants to Vancouver women in 1998 and it seems, they haven’t taken them off since.  The retailer has been widely successful in the past decade winning over women all across North America who believe its acceptable to actually never get dressed and instead bum around in comfortable, expandable pants that can go from the gym, to Tim Hortons, to Holt Renfrew and back home again.  The GQ editorial staff rather dislikes slovenly spandex pants (yes, even the cuter cropped versions), and we agree. Any pants that contain more than  2% lycra should be relegated to activities related to  vinyasa or brikam.

Harajuku, Japan ranks fourth and here is why:

If you require further explanation as to why the above is not acceptable, we urge you to google Coco Chanel and her ethos for appropriate dressing which include  “less is more” and “before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.” Maybe there are no computers in Japan and that is why these girls didn’t get the memo?

Good old Boston rounds out the top five fashion offenders mainly for its unconditional love for Uggs, leggings and hoodies and other styles popular with the ever present collegiente population that dominates this city.

Everyone should learn and repeat “leggings are not pants, leggings are not pants” because not even super skinny or fit girls can pull this style off.

For the complete list of the worst dressed cities, click here


One response to “Fashion Police Alert: GQ Ranks the Worst Dressed Cities

  1. Ottawa was there too (city I live in)! Just wrote about this as well!

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